Palace Kindergarten & Academy



I would also like to register my heartfelt thanks to you for the previous donations of toys, story books and stationery. These have gone a long way in  assisting us offer the bestto the children under our care.

Since I started the school, I have strived to offer the best and quality services to children between the ages 2 – 6 years. I started small with only 3 children and in the course of time, amid challenges, the number of children has risen to 16 making it difficult to fit comfortably in the small rental facility.

It is in this regard that I am appealing for assistance to facilitate relocation to a much bigger facility though at a slightly higher cost. The move to the new place will not only provide a more comfortable environment for the children but also more room for new admissions. I am knocking on your kind heart because at the moment I am still in need of a large sum of money to enable me make the move.

Below is what I require to facilitate immediate move:-

2 months rent deposit:                         – Ksh.     80,000
3 months rent before we stabilize       – Ksh.  120,000
Water deposit:                 .                     – Ksh.      3,000
Electricity deposit:                                 – Ksh.      3,000

Total                                                     –   Ksh. 206,000

Once we have made the move, we shall also need to do adjustments in  the classrooms, sleeping area, play area and the kitchen as follows:-

20 plastic chairs@ 650                       – Ksh.  13,000
10 plastic tables@550                        – Ksh.    5,500
White board.                                        – Ksh.  10,000
4 Floor mats@2000.                           – Ksh.    8,000
5 Mattresses and covers.                   – Ksh.  12,500
Swing, slide, climbing frame               – Ksh 120,000
Some tricycles and push cars.           – Ksh.  20,000
DVD/CD player.                                   – Ksh.    6,000
Fire Extinguisher and licences          – Ksh.   15,000
Curtains                                               – Ksh.   10,000
shoe rack.                                            – Ksh.    5,000
Crockery, cutlery & cooking utensils- Ksh.     6,000
Small commercial cooker.                 – Ksh.   18,000
Total .                                                  – Ksh. 246,500

GRAND TOTAL.                                  KSH. 455,000

These funds will really assist in securing and running the new facility and I am positive that the move will attract more children as it is every parent’s dream to have their child in a conducive and child friendly environment; which without your support, wouldn’t be possible.

Again, my deepest gratitude for the role you have played in helping advance my business advance. I look forward to keeping you updated on future challenges, progress and successes.  

Thank you in advance.

Yours sincerely,



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