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Kipepeo Foundation is a small family charity supporting Africans in their initiatives to improve education and sports facilities for orphaned and disadvantaged children. We aim to reduce marketing and administrative overheads by emphasising direct personal connections and involvement in small projects. To ensure long-term sustainability of our projects and contribution from the local community, we sponsor only projects started by the Africans. We believe that developing opportunities that the community considers valuable makes a bigger difference than financing our ideas, no matter how grand. We operate in the Likoni slum near Mombasa, Kenya. Kipepeo is a Swahili word and means a butterfly.

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Registration number: XT32102

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Changing the future.




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On behalf of our children, teachers and Madam Tina, I would like to say Thank you to all donors who kindly provided us with books as well as financial donations and made this possible.


You donated an incredible 1300 kg of books,

which frankly we would never have expected.


We collected £400 towards the library and we'll still fundraising. The total cost of the project was £1025.

Helping in 2016

         ongoing initiatives

In 2016, we are sponsoring tuition and living expenses for two orphaned children, Neema and Ian:

Neema is  years old. She is an orphan, currently living with the family of our director in Kenya, Mr Haggai Amonde. She is a bright girl with top marks in Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education 408 ex 500, Haggai has enrolled her in primary school.


Her school fees + other school expenses add up to cca Ksh. 15,000 (£120) per term.  


Ian Ogode is a bright boy in primary school in class seven. He is currently out of school because he cannot afford to go.


Thanks to you, we could find a new school for Ian so that he can continue with his learning.  



Bookfeeding Kenya

Get this fantastic organic bed linen and Roxyma Dream Bed Linen will donate £20 to our charity.

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I'm in! I'm supporting Koguta Library

A new children's library in Koguta

We also sponsor the football club for abandoned boys, which we founded in 2014. The club is extremely popular at the moment we have 50 boys who come every weekend to train. They are in the county league and are making fantastic progress.

Ndori village is a tiny village situated in Koguta area near the Lake Victoria in Kenya, 7km away from the town of Sondu.


The closest library is about 100km away and as most of the people in this area are farmers with only basic education it is difficult for them and their kids to get access to better life and better education.


Our library is here to change that!


Madam Tina, the wife of the late school director Bernard Okall,  donated her building for our library.


Our volunteer Alena flew to Kenya in April 2015 and with money she has collected prior to her departure she and all the amazing hard-working people in Koguta area reconstructed, painted and decorated our first PUBLIC LIBRARY in Kenya. This library is now open to everyone and believe it or not - people of all ages and profesions are coming to borrow a book or read inside of our library.


Please take a minute and browse through the photos to see her story.

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£2 can keep a child at school for a day


£100 a month gives an opportunity to build healthy social relationships through sport to 50 children


We all work for free. All your money goes to Kenya and helps where help is needed. Thank you!  

I'm in! I'm giving a child a future

Please give a child a future